Top Ten Urban Drilling Needs

  1. ELECTRIC power versus localized polluting from Natural Gas or Diesel power
    • a. Mandate electric drilling rigs,
    • b. Mandate electric frac pumps
    • c. Do not use diesel or NG fired lift compressors that use dirty field gas, rather use electric submersible pumps,  
    •  d. Mandate electric compressor stations, but have back up power in the event of electric outages.
    • e. Replace gas-assisted glycol pumps with electric pumps
  2. Video tape ALL cement casing pours when the cement comes back up to the top through the annulus so that there is proof of an even pour and ensure all wells have electric bond log tests.
  3. All drilling mud farming and brine “road spraying” should have application sites’ soil & groundwater tested for toxins and NORM.
  4. During fracking where the radioactive silica dust is flying around, we need the industry to contain the dust to OSHA 2016 standards at 50 micrograms per cubic meter of air averaged during an 8-hour shift. Currently, the oil & gas industry is getting preferential treatment to not have to be in compliance until June 23 2021. There is no entity looking out for the residential silica exposures, only worker exposures. Here is a video of what the silica exposures during fracking look like,
  5. Mandate flowback tanks that have vent lines that can be connected to vapor recovery/capture systems or combustion devices (gas-busters) Here is a video of what happens in our backyards in Arlington…..
  6. Blowdowns of compressors whose excess goes to the storage tanks should have Vapor Recovery Systems rather than venting. Here is a Lake Arlington tank battery emitting VOC’s 24/7… .
  7. The pipeline should be in place FIRST before fracking, and flowback should occur immediately after so that injected water/chemicals don’t sit in the ground for months festering bacterial sulfide growth to sour/damage the well and sicken people…..
  8. The setback away from people should be substantial. Rural method drilling is not acceptable in urban areas. An environmental tester who has a Phd said that the health effects are being seen downwind from about 1,800 – 2,500 feet. Local and state government need to test for methane leaks with FLIR cameras.
  9. Equip City gas well inspectors with an infrared camera to view invisible VOC’s and have operators fix their leaks.
  10. Use phage therapies instead of dangerous gluteraldehydes to control festering bacteria and offensive odors.

Kim Feil will be a regular contributor to the Tarrant Chronicle. Check each issue for her monthly article on gas wells and their impact on our health and environment. If you live in this area you need to be educated about gas wells, most especially if you live in Arlington.