A Message from Marvin Sutton

Arlington city council (District 3) candidate Marvin Sutton

I’m running for office to protect and serve and our communities, build effective relationships, and enrich our citizens’ lives. The primary function of government is to resolve issues that can’t be individually resolved by its citizens. Throughout our district, citizens have expressed concerns about our roads and sidewalks, property crimes, quality jobs, code enforcement, traffic and transportation. Our street and sidewalks are deteriorating and are in serious need of repairs. While repairs are in the works for some, other streets have not been repaired in two years. We’ll work with city departments to fast track street repairs throughout the district.

Currently, our city employs about 700 police officers. The average respond time is about 9 minutes. We’ll work with the police chief to increase our daily neighborhood staffing and decrease our average response time while deterring property crimes.

Arlington enjoys a low unemployment rate; however, most of those jobs created are in the hospitality industry and will not support a livable wage lifestyle. We’ll collaborate with Arlington Chamber of Commerce to recruit businesses that pay a livable wage. Well build relationship with University of Texas at Arlington, Tarrant College, and our local school district to ensure our workforce is ready and properly trained for these incoming jobs.

Our demand for code compliance services have risen over the years without adequate staff increases within the department. We’ll consult with this department on their staffing needs and consider leveraging resources in other departments.

Traffic congestion and transportation demands are trending issues in our district. There are plans in the works to widen some roads to alleviate congestion and it may take some significant time to complete these projects. Arlington Via does address some transportation demands in areas north of Interstate 20; however, our long term need to address commuter traffic congestion will required a collaborate effort of federal, state, and local funding in order to create a limited transit system.

As your council member, I promise to listen to your concerns, communicate with you and others to ensure that the concerns are fully understood, and advocate on your behalf. My number one priority is to improve your quality of life. Let’s get together and improve our communities and city with citizen-driven solutions.

About the Candidate

Name: Marvin Sutton
Age: 56
Occupation: Retired Air Traffic Controller
Education: BS in Accounting, UTA
Office Sought: Arlington City Council | District 3
Website: www.electmarvinsutton.com
Arlington Residency: 28 years


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