Ruby Faye Woolridge Aims Higher

Ruby Woolridge will be the First Woman Mayor in Arlington Ever

When the residents of Arlington voted overwhelmingly to pass term limits, they were excited. Citizens from every neighborhood of the city, and from every political viewpoint, realized that a common purpose could serve as the foundation for something much greater.

By challenging the status quo, they sent a message that the moral integrity of the local government mattered to everyone. They also found themselves in deep discussions about the future of Arlington. On the heels of the term limits victory, city leadership also sent a powerful message by taking steps to undo the freshly minted ordinance.

As a result, Ruby Faye Woolridge’s phone began to ring. For two months, friends and term limit allies encouraged and prodded her to run for mayor. Each conversation ended with a polite “no”… until she received a call from her good friend, Syed Hassan. Ruby had just settled into watching the news after a brisk evening walk with Miller, her Shih Tzu, when the phone rang.

“Syed,” the tone of Ruby’s voice warned him not to go there, and
immediately they both broke into a laughter that was both disarming and familiar. If anyone stood a chance of scaling her wall, it was Syed. “Ok, let’s hear it,” she conceded. Syed Hassan is, what people call, ‘a numbers guy’. A data scientist by profession, his expertise in data modelling techniques and experience with simulation models has helped improve election results for Democratic candidates in North Texas and across the state.

Ruby braced herself for a soliloquy, but Syed kept it short. “I’ve run the numbers,” Syed said. “You can do it.”

Ruby Faye Woolridge has lived in Arlington since 1984, managed 1.9 billion dollars in student loans for University of Texas Arlington and University of North Texas, a multi-million dollar budget for a fortune five hundred company, and previously owned her own business. She’s one tough cookie. She’s also lived a life far removed from corporate America, with 30 years of experience as an educator and minister. Ruby holds a Bachelor of Education and Master of Guidance and Counseling from Northeastern State University. She retired from Ft. Worth ISD after 25 years of service as a school guidance counselor after teaching government, Texas history and American history in Arlington ISD.

A graduate of Perkins School of Theology Diaconal Ministry Program at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Ruby was ordained in 1998 and has served as an elder at the Potter’s House of Dallas since 2006 and as a senior associate pastor at Grace United Methodist Church in Arlington from 1990 to 2005.

So she stepped away from the numbers, from the voices across all of Arlington asking her to step forward once again… and she spent time in prayer.

Ruby Faye Woolridge emerged, accepting the candidacy for Mayor. Behind her stand the coalition that brought term limits to Arlington, communities of faith, conservatives, and progressives alike. Notwithstanding her many life experiences, she’ll say “Come on Miller, let’s go!”


  1. Ruby is needed on the council. She’s honest and fair and most of all she will make sure that the council is transparent, something that’s been lacking for a long time.

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