To Mayor Green: What’s good for the goose…..

By Deborah Peoples

The following is a guest Op-Ed from Fort Worth mayoral candidate Deborah Peoples

I grew up in West Texas and grew up with grandparents who always had a folk saying ready so the recent comment by former Mayor Richard Greene of Arlington had me smiling and shaking my head because I could hear my Granny saying “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander”.

Mayor Green recently lamented the fact and scoffed at comments By local Democrats about the upcoming municipal and school board elections and our efforts to elect Democrats to these positions. He wanted to point out that these positions are non-partisan and it doesn’t take a Republican or a Democrat to fix a pothole. At this point I’d like to say that was not the tune that Republicans in Tarrant County have been singing for the last 30 years.

They have been quick to point out voting history of candidates in these “non-partisan” races. And those with Democratic voting history have been singled out for Republicans to vote against. The Tarrant County Republican Party and other Republican activist groups have sent out emails and made phone calls pointing out one’s ideological leaning in these races. yet all of a sudden when Democrats take a page from your tactics it’s not “fair”.

Another great example of “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander” is the recent move by the Texas Legislature to abolish straight party voting. Republicans dominated in straight party voting for years. In fact, it was a cornerstone of their voting strategy. Well imagine their surprise and concern when Democrats started to catch up in straight party voting! Republicans looked down the road and saw that Democratic voters were going to surpass them in straight party ballots, so our trusty Republican-led Texas Legislature abolished the practice.

Bottom line: these are two examples of voter suppression pure and simple. Republicans want you to keep them in office so they can continue to enact a very conservative agenda and disenfranchisement of voters. When they are called out on it they bring up words like equity and fairness but they don’t practice them! So, Mayor Greene, if we want to be fair and equitable then when Republicans stop dreaming up ways to disenfranchise the poor, the working class, and people of color Democrats will stop calling you on it.

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