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With the 86th Texas Legislature in session, there is a little event happening before it officially wraps up.  Municipal Elections!!  

 May 4th is the Saturday that will bring in new leaders to create change on a local level. These elections are not as well attended as Presidential elections, Mid term elections, or even Primary elections.   

In 2017, there were roughly 88,000 voters who turned out from a pool of over a million registered voters in Tarrant County.  Consequently, local governance was decided by less than 10% of registered voters.   

Who is up for election?  City Council, Mayor, School Board, and in Grand Prairie, they will decide on the “legal sale of all alcoholic beverages including mixed beverages”.   

When do we vote?  May 4th is election day, yes, it is on a Saturday but early voting will start on April 22nd, last 10 days, and run through April 30th. Click  here to see where to early vote 

 During early voting you are not restricted to just your precinct location, you can vote at any early vote location in Tarrant County. 

Why are these elections as important as November and March elections?  Every election matters and with such a low turnout for Municipal elections your vote has more power.  

 How partisan are these local elections?  On paper they are Non-Partisan, so they are not decided upon party lines.  In reality, this is how the Tea Party  gained a foot hold in different areas of our county. 

These local elections were won with only a few thousand votes.  Using that base, the Tea Party expanded their reach in the cities of Tarrant county. 

What do we do?  Research. Research how your local candidates vote and have voted in elections.  This is the greatest indicator of how they will govern locally.   

This May we will see exactly how Blue Tarrant County turned.  There are some cities that went overwhelmingly for Beto and Lupe Valdez, does that trend continue?  That will be decided by all of us.   

Your job isn’t just got go vote on May 4th, we need to take people with us to go vote.  Talk to all your friends, family, coworkers, even the mailman about going to go vote.  Lastly, act, pick your candidate and volunteer.  Your vote and your help is needed. 

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