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As a Texan, I was so ecstatic when the Houston Astros won the World Series.  The city had gone through so much heartache from hurricane and it was a Cinderella story.  When evidence came to light that they had cheated, I was at first disgusted than relieved that the team is being punished.  Commissioner Manfred should strip their title and award it to the LA Dodgers or vacate the title. I am not so much an Astros fan but a Baseball fan.  Right now, it is difficult, but it is good for the game, which has such a long and storied history. If the Commissioner had covered up the scandal they would have lost many baseball fans forever.  

I was equally happy when Lance Armstrong won 7 Tour de France titles.  He was an inspiration being a cancer survivor. I was doubly disgusted that he was caught doping with designer metabolic steroids, and then bullied and lied about it.  But the regulatory agencies did the right thing by doing their job. They did not try to sweep the truth under the table because it would hurt the integrity of the sport.  

Sports are supposed to teach work ethic, teamwork and sportsmanship.  We play baseball with our young sons and daughters to instill these characteristics so that they might grow to be honorable hard-working men and women. 

“What are we teaching our children when we allow cheating or other bad behaviors to go unpunished?” Should we allow people of privilege to get their children into elite universities based on the size of a bank account rather than intellect, hard work and desire?  Every “acceptance” by an unworthy applicant is a “rejection” to a possibly worthy one. By the way, it is illegal too.

Give us the credit that “We the People” as a nation, are strong and smart enough to handle the truth.  Do not damage and then destroy what makes America great by hiding the truth. Let the truth be told where-ever it leads us. 

I am NOT an Astros fan.  I am NOT an Armstrong fan.  

I am a Baseball fan.  I am a Cycling fan.  

I am a sports fan.

Most of all, I am a fan of the United State of America!  

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