Murderer’s Row

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John Derewitz
Managing Editor

According to a POLITICO/Morning Consult poll, on April 1, 2020, the support for our present administration remained constant at 40 percent.  The president’s base will “proudly” attempt to put Donald Trump back on his gold-plated throne even after his blundering handling of our economy, after his alleged contacts with Russian gangsters, after his inept handling of his trade war with china, after how he has continued to blame anybody else that is in the room for his ineptitude, after his self-aggrandizing use of tax payer money to pay his own resorts for his stay there, after his misogynic comments on women, then comes his disastrous handling of the coronavirus pandemic. This is the same person who escaped the righteous wrath of a clear majority of American voters in the republican senate blocked effort to impeach him. 

The latest outrage concerns the criminally incompetent response by our current administration and their sycophants in Congress to the COVID 19 disaster.  Disaster is a word that is included in the Texas Unemployment Commissions form when Texans beg Republicans in Austin for help due to the loss of jobs during this pandemic.  Disaster is right, COVID 19 is a disaster. It is a national disaster coming at us like a wildfire that burns everything in its path.

As of April 20, 2020, there are more than 41,000 deaths nationwide, more than 20,000 affected in Texas and 130 deaths in the DFW area so far.  Yet the current administration says it wants to “Open up our country” sooner rather than later.  

This sentiment is parroted by our elected officials, starting in the oval office and proceeding down a similarly viral path to John Cornyn, self-quarantining Ted Cruz, Greg Abbott, and county judge Glen Whitley.  They would have us follow the demented rantings of our current administration.

According to the senior senator from Texas, “Not every place is the same,” Cornyn said, according to The Hill. “We’ve had the same conversation in Texas, but some places we have more cows than people, and the virus loves the crowd, loves congestion, and that’s why you see places like New York and Dallas, for example, which is having its own struggles.”  Are Dallas and Tarrant Counties not in Texas?

In a now-viral video posted to Twitter by The Hill, Cornyn said China has been “the source of a lot of these viruses” because “people eat bats and snakes and dogs and things like that.” During a conference call with reporters last week, the state’s senior senator also said that it’s “no coincidence” that illnesses such as the novel coronavirus originate in China, putting the onus on “some of the cultural practices there.”

One would think that a 68-year-old man would have more sense than to say that China “unleashed a weapon on the world” by hiding the severity of the coronavirus outbreak and leaving other nations unprepared to handle it.  “And they need to be held responsible for that,” Cornyn said. Really? And how would Senator Cornyn carry that out? Maybe sanctions? That which our current administration found detrimental to our economy?  

Next, we come to our “self-quarantined” junior senator Ted Cruz.  Who from the depths of his bedroom told Real Clear Politics, “Much of the mainstream media was trying to root for disaster,” Cruz said.  “They’re rooting for this pandemic to be worse and worse. And you saw The Washington Post self-proclaimed fact-checker was cheering about a line from the State of the Union where the President said we had the lowest unemployment in 50 years. And the Washington Post was saying, ‘Well, that didn’t stand up well to the test of time.'”  “Well, no, you moron,” he said to the Post. “We had the lowest level of African-American and Hispanic unemployment ever recorded until a global pandemic that originated in Wuhan came and ended up causing absolute chaos and catastrophe.”

In tried and true current administration style, Cruz started blaming everyone but himself for the incompetent response to the deadly virus.

According to Real Clear Politics Cruz said, divisively “But yet, the media — we should be coming together to root for America, to root for defeating this pandemic, to root for jobs coming back. And I think too many partisan Democrats want to just use this catastrophe to attack Trump rather than come together and fight for our country.”  Rich talk from Cruz, fresh off his defense of our current administrations’ impeachment trial. Charges of which were supported by a clear majority of the public.

Next, we come to our Texas Governor Greg Abbott.  According to Newsweek, “Abbott said Texas, which would be the world’s 11th largest economy if it were an independent country, could find a balance between personal safety and economic security.”

“We will focus on protecting lives while restoring livelihoods,” Abbott said at a news conference.

“We can and we must do this. We can do both, expand and restore the livelihoods that Texans want to have by helping them return to work. One thing about Texans, they enjoy working and they want to get back into the workforce. We have to come up with strategies on how we can do this safely.”

This from a governor who has allowed COVID 19 to advance by allowing church congregations meetings as “essential services” so they can stay open.  A governor who has done the bidding of the current administration and is rushing to loosen restrictions on Texans health. All this while a virulently spreading major pandemic devastates the world, not just Texas.   

In a sudden abdication of state guidance and a lack of a coordinated response the Governor said that he has resisted a statewide “shelter in place” order, noting that city and county leaders across Texas are in charge of determining what are the necessary cautions in their communities.

Next, we come to County Judge Glen Whitley.  Judge Whitley had previously stated that he felt the new coronavirus was “not a deadly disease” though he later said he had been trying to avoid panic when he made the comment.  

Whitley told the Star-Telegram he believed that calling the disease “deadly” made people think about Ebola and other fast-killing illnesses.

“Yes, we’ve had deaths,” Whitley said. “When you start referring to this as the deadly disease, people immediately go back to the disease we had a couple of years ago which meant that when somebody got it, it was better than 50% chance they might pass away.”  In the face of the growing disaster in Tarrant County he told NBCFW news, after a meeting of the Tarrant county commissioners court, that he declined to order a shelter in place directive, “At this point in time, no we will not. We are not calling for a shelter in place,” Whitley said after the meeting. “We feel like we put much stiffer restrictions on our residents that were in effect at 6 p.m. yesterday, and we think we need to give that a little bit of time to see how that proceeds.” 

During that press conference Whitley was flanked by Republican mayors Betsy Price of Fort Worth and Jeff Williams of Arlington.  

Tarrant County now has, as of April 17, 2020, 25 confirmed deaths from the COVID-19 virus.  We have 876 confirmed cases of COVID 19 and so far, only 90 people have recovered. Tarrant County Public Health Director Vinny Taneja reminded residents to stay home as much as possible and maintain social distancing. “This is a stressful time for all of us, but we will get through it and bend the COVID-19 curve if we all follow the guidelines,” he said. 

Tarrant County authorized “any certified peace officer or other person with lawful authority is hereby authorized to enforce the provisions of this Executive Order in accordance with the authority granted under the Texas Disaster Act of 1975. Any person who violates this Executive Order may be subject to a fine not exceeding $1,000 or confinement for a period not exceeding 180 days” yet this provision is lightly enforced. This was evidenced by a video posted by Congressman Marc Veasy of a gathering, at a barbecue event of at least 20 people in Fort Worth.  None of the party goers had protective masks and they mingled shoulder to shoulder. The video shows 2 police cars watching the crowd and not enforcing the executive order. When questioned about the incident the police spokesperson said that there was a “special unit” assigned to enforcement of the order but they had not been available at that time.  

By his active denial, inept leadership and lies, Donald Trump has been complicit in the deaths of 154,256 people worldwide.  

Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and John Cornyn are complicit in the needless exposure to the virus of at least 710,021 Americans, with 37,158 lying dead as of this writing and still shooting up.  

Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, John Cornyn and Greg Abbott have collectively condemned over 17,760 Texans to possible death by exposure to the virus with 439 lying dead.  

By being willingly vague and slow to act, Glen Whitley is at least complicit in the deaths of 35 Tarrant county citizens.  

By lying to the American people, by spewing untested cures that he has a financial stake in, by resisting the knowledge of the people’s scientists, by anointing himself scientist in chief, Donald Trump and his administration have been complicit in the murder of potentially 200,000 Americans and of 1,767,855 world citizens.  How can the American people be fooled into returning this corrupted and bloodied administration to power? As stated by the ancient Roman statesman Cicero in 44 bc, what logic is this?

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