A Message from Marvin Sutton

Arlington city council (District 3) candidate Marvin Sutton I’m running for office to protect and serve and our communities, build effective relationships, and enrich our citizens’ lives. The primary function of government is to resolve […]

A Message from Barbara Odom-Wesley

Arlington city council (At Large/District 8) candidate Dr. Barbara Odom-Wesley Dr. Barbara Odom-Wesley (PhD, RHIA, FAHIMA) retired in 2015 from a 42-year career as a professor of Heath Information Management (HIM). She taught at University […]

Top Ten Urban Drilling Needs

ELECTRIC power versus localized polluting from Natural Gas or Diesel power a. Mandate electric drilling rigs, b. Mandate electric frac pumps http://evolutionws.com/ c. Do not use diesel or NG fired lift compressors that use dirty […]

Policing: An Honest Discussion

By Luis C. Castillo Considering that this is the Tarrant Chronicle’s debut publication and in the interest of transparency I find it appropriate to disclose upfront my past profession in this magazine forum.    I make […]